Friday, March 15, 2013


Who is ready for spring?  I am, I am, I am!!!  I seriously can't wait to get outside this year.  The cold has been almost too much for me this year.  :O) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


oh I miss you so!  I had an amazing time going out to Cali to teach a workshop with a very dear friend!  Literally my first time flying...ever!  I only felt sick after we got to California and the plane kept circling LAX over the Pacific.  I am pretty sure I am the ONLY person who was freaking when the plane turned like we were going down.  :O)  Scary, but oh so fun.  I got to spend some time around L.A. visiting my brother, gini, and the boys while they were on a detail...then got to go down to the beautiful San Diego to teach the workshop with Amanda Thompson of Organic Bebe Photography.  An amazing trip!  I can't wait to go back! 

clint . gini . ty . jace

what an adorable, sweet, and insanely fun family!  I am so lucky to have traveled to Montana and back several times to photograph this family...although this session was here.  :O)  I can't wait to come out again this summer guys! 

kyler senior.

you are absolutely stunning Kyler!  The horse pics are some of my they did NOT cooperate with us at all.  lol.  They had other things in mind that day I guess. 

kyler prom.

kyler.  I hope your prom was as amazing as you two looked!  :O)  I have had the wonderful pleasure of photographing you since I started my business.  You have grown into a beautiful and amazing woman.  I always have so much fun with you!  lol...lots of laughs. 


Anna...what a great girl!  Beautiful inside and out.  You will do amazing things with your life!  Thank you for letting me share in this huge part of your life.  Great job by the way on an amazing swim season!!!  Congrats!


Meet sweet Cruz.  I have had the pleasure of photographing Cruz's big brother Cooper since Cooper was 9 months old (now almost 5 and a half).  I have gotten to photograph many many exciting things for this family!  I adore them and am so happy we have become such GREAT friends!  Thank you Sarah and Steve for sharing him with me.  :O)